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As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s a lot of great technical how-to blogs out there to help you write better books. (I read them too.) That’s not what this blog is about. (Okay, there may be an occasional post of that nature.) But mostly…

I share unique tips and techniques to spark the creative fire…

The Character Insight Spread. (How To Use Cards To Get In Their Heads.)

How To See Your Manuscript With New Eyes

The What If Game

Stories about my own journey…

It’s Okay To Lose Your Pants and Other Lessons Learned From Writing My 1st Novel

Are You Prepared To Answer These Simple Questions? (I Wasn’t.)

When Comparison Strikes

Encouragement to write courageously, despite the fear…

Writing On The Edge. How Courageous Writers Make Successful Writers

Shouldn’t You Be Writing? The Real Reason Writers Avoid The Blank Page

And awesome stuff to inspire you!

20 Novel Storyboards You Should Be Following

3 Metaphysical Concepts for Writers

“Finish Your Book!” free hypnosis recording

The mission of this blog is to help writers feel creatively inspired, confident in their authenticity, and encouraged to find, hone, and love their unique voice and style.

I believe that you’re the only one who can tell your story. I hope that this blog helps inspire you to do just that.