About Me


mewithbookThe Basics…

Hi! My name is Athena. No, I’m not Greek. My parents just wanted to give me a good challenge. (I don’t mind. I’m grateful they didn’t pick Aphrodite!)

I’m not a big fan of labels, either in the world of writing or for myself. But here goes… I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regency romance addict, actress, and Reiki Master Teacher.

But above all of those things, I’m a writer. 

I approach writing as an intuitive practice, and I share my own experiences with the intention of inspiring others to trust and love their unique, magical, messy, (and yes, occasionally agonizing) creative process.

I believe that every writer has a one of a kind voice, style, and story. 

I hope that this blog will encourage you to develop, love, and share yours.



A Bit More…

I’m a multi-published ex-erotica author turned novelist and spiritual self-help writer.

I started writing around the same time I discovered boys. I’m a die hard romantic. Desire, love, sex… they’ve always gone hand in hand with my writing.

I’m also deeply spiritual. I’m told that’s my trademark: combining the sensual with the spiritual.

This is also the reason I never really fit into the world of erotica. Mainstream erotica readers weren’t so into spiritual erotica. Go figure.

My first novel, Dharma and Desire – A Visionary Romance took 7 years to write. People seem to either love it or hate it. (Probably the whole romance combined with spirituality thing again.) That’s okay. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with it.

I have two new fiction projects in the works. A historical romance with Victorian occult themes, and a contemporary novel with an angel hero.

I’m also writing some self-help books on the creative power of the mind (law of attraction, metaphysics, creating your own reality and all that jazz.)

I live in the bay area, California with my husband of 15 years and our fur-babies.

Thanks for being here!